My Thai Family





I have only been in Thailand for a week and so much is going on, there is so much to write about, but so little time. So for now I just want to write about my new family.

I am staying with a Thai family for my first five weeks in Thailand. I have a mother, father, older sister, at least two aunts and some uncles, and some little cousins. One of my host cousins is another student from my program who lives right across the road from my family and eats meals with us everyday.

My host parents don’t speak much English but my host mother seems determined to teach me Thai which is nice. I am sure I will learn a lot from her. My host parents also seem a little more relaxed then I expected after hearing about some of the cultural norms during orientation. For example they do not shower twice a day (yet, it has not been very hot so far). I really like them.

My host sister is twenty-two and has just graduated from college. She studied science.She and I have at least one similar interest, Chinese music. We both like the singer Jolin.I have many little host cousins and they are such hams. They are so funny.

My host family lives in a big house. I have a huge bedroom. They have chickens, a dog, and a rabbit which is interesting. Our kitchen is outside, in another building not connected to the house. We don’t eat a table either, we eat on a large mat on the floor.It isn’t that different than eating on the couch in the US.

So far I love my host family and hope to write more about the experience living with them soon!

My host mother.

My host cousin and other ISDSI student Nicole.

Nicole's host sister (my host cousin) nong mei.

My host sister Pym Niu holding Baimon.