My Many Firsts – First Snow Fall & Speakeasy Experience





I have been wishing to see snow in South Korea before heading back to the US. One day, it happened. I came outside of my dentist office on my way to return several clothes that did not fit me too well. On the bus ride, the snow was falling, only trickling down. I went into Shinsegae Mall and came out seeing that the trickles of snow became 1-2 inches on the floor. I headed over to the speakeasy where my friend and I entered a grocery store, opening a fridge to get inside. To place our order, we put in a coin and dialed a phone number. After several minutes trying to understand how calling in worked, my friend and I successful placed in our order. We order an orange pasta along with a burrata plate. The course is so delicious! The burrata paired well with the prosciutto and the fresh fruits. The pasta was a light dish with a hint of orange. While it was sweeter, it was definitely an experience I have never tried before! For that, my first speakeasy experience was a success.