Muy Caro




This has been a great week filled with laughter and many different experiences. Sunday I went to my first ever Church service in spanish. The worship service was amazing seeing different people who speak a different native tongue singing to God was amazing. When I tell people about my experience the first question they ask is “Could you understand what they were saying?” No I couldn’t understand what they were saying but thats beyond the point it was cool to be in the place. My week started off by walking to school with my housemate Elli before we got to school we saw what looked like a dead body on the sidewalk! Im not lying the body had a white cloth over it and had bugs and nats all over it, being honest I lost it for a second I kept laughing because I honestly wanted to freak out. It took me a good moment to contain the emotions that had spurred up in me. Funny thing is as we walked past the body a native walked by us, we asked do you think he’s dead? he shrugged his shoulders and gave us a face like if he is Im not staying to find out. Either later that day or the next my Tica mother explained who the person was who was sleeping in the sidewalk. So theres a homeless person who roams my neighborhood, supposedly he has colon cancer and when people have colon cancer they use a bag for their feces. Well this guy doesn’t have a bag and doesn’t wear a shirt either. This guy goes around asking for money and if you don’t give it to him he throws caca on you. For those who don’t know what caca is its feces. Now imagine that a homeless person asking you for money and to your no he throws his feces on you. I bet you’ll think twice about helping the next homeless person you’ll see. 

Tuesday was a great day as well I went to my first Tropical dance class. It was fun but also difficult at the same time. The dances had so much rhythm and movement, it took a while for me just to get the steps right. Honestly I just wanted to jump right in and feel the music but feeling the music will have you partner less. The teacher made it look so easy, but trust me moving your hips and keeping the timing of your steps will give you a total new respect for the people who can do it. I also learned that tropical dances are really intimate, the way the couple twist,turn, and hold each other during these dances can make anyone feel loved as one moves across the dance floor. I always wondered why women were mesmerized when they saw a man who could dance so well, now I know its a sort of confidence one has when they can maneuver around the dance floor with total control of their steps and lead the women’s as well.

Thursday was a big day for me, I gave my first ever presentation in Spanish and it went really well. I had to present on Semana Santa which in english is Holy Week. I didn’t have a powerpoint like everyone else but I engaged my audience with questions and won them over with my charm. Now, if I can upload the video you all can also watch my spanish presentation.

One last thing before I go this really blew my mind. So I was having a conversation with my Tica mother the other night and I asked her “what is the minimum wage for Ticos” she said seis mill which in dollars is $12 so I was like oh wow thats really good then she said seis mill a day. I thought she had mistaken so I asked her to repeat herself and she said again $12 dollars a day. She went on to talk about healthcare and how to go to the best hospital just to walk in the door is $1000. Imagine that no test run or anything and your at $1000 when minimum wage is $12 a day. I hope you feel really blessed right now. One thing that took me aback was I went to the grocery store yesterday and as I was walking I saw an Arizona I was ecstatic but my excitement died when I saw that the same drink that cost a dollar in the states cost three dollars in Costa Rica. Everyone in Costa Rica admits that everything is “caro” which means expensive and to be honest it truly is depending on what you’re trying to buy. Oh sorry last thing I got robbed for the first time in my life, someone actually stole my umbrella from out side the house but the crazy thing is we have a iron gate and my umbrella was hanging on a window bar inside the gate. Somebody took like a broom to take my umbrella off the window bar and then use it to push it to them. My momma Tica responded by telling me there a lot of crackheads in Costa Rica that will take anything. So in all its been a great week I look forward to my first excursion tomorrow, Im going hiking to Irazu Volcano so I will tell you all about it in my next blog. So until next time Pura Vida!!!!!