Music in the air






The Live Sounds Club at NUFS hosted a small concert where different bands would play a few songs. One of my friends Shotei (not his actual name but I just call him that, not important.) was performing with his band called ‘With Us’ at the concert. I’d seen him perform before at the school festival, but it was nice to see him again. He’s got his own style and great stage presence.

See video here:

Honestly, I didn’t think that I would enjoy the day considering how it started. Kim got sick that morning so she couldn’t come to the performance. And then Matsura-san ( the landlady) cornered me downstairs when she noticed that I had a package slip in the mail.  I am deathly scared of talking to her so every run-in inspires a mini-heart attack. Actually, she called the post office for me and spoke with them on my behalf. She arranged for them to redeliver my package for later that day when I’d be home. She kept asking me questions and at first my mind as completely blank and I messed up simple questions like ‘what is your room number?’ . But eventually I calmed down and was able to talk to her. And just when I thought that I had escaped, she scolded me for not checking my mail more often. :? Forever fail in the eyes of Matsura-san. 


My friend Yamaguchi-san had another concert in Sakae. This one was hosted at a club called Zion. Originally Kim was suppose to go but she got sick (again) and couldn’t make it. And this one was a bit tricky to find. I ended up accidentally backstage and then wondered around the block trying to find the entrance. I had to call Yamaguchi on her cell and get her to help me. ugh. So I ended up chilling with her for a bit before her band went on. And I met a nice group of people; one guy was from the Czecho Slovakia and the other two guys were Japanese and so was the girl. It was nice to meet another foreigner who wasn’t a student and talk to him about his time in Japan. Later during another groups performance the Yamaguchi-san’s band members did a funny little otaku dance.