Move-in Week





Hey everyone!

Move-in week has been amazing! I’ve already made so many great friends from all around the world, some from the USA, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands and even some local Danes. I am currently staying in a dormitory called Basecamp South Campus which is located on the island of Amager (it’s actually pronounced as Ama). What’s so fascinating about Amager is that I would have never guessed it was an island, but in fact it is. It is positioned just off the mainland and it is separated by a small lagoon which technically classifies it as an island. However, when I ride my bike to and from classes everyday all I do is cycle over a small bridge and that’s what makes this ‘island’ so confusing. Who would have thought that everyday when I cross this small bridge, I am in fact riding from the island into the mainland. In one of the pictures I have attached to this blog post, you can see a few of my fellow American friends sitting out of their dormitory windows. This was taken on the first night of move in day. My dorm room is on the first floor and I remember as I was unpacking I heard lots of laughter outside and I was intrigued. At first, I was a bit shy because I hadn’t known anyone yet, but something inside of me encouraged me to pop my head out of the window and say hi. I instantly made friends with them and I got invited to have some dinner and wine with them all on the outdoor terrace. Little did I know at that moment that it would become such a special memory for my experience thus far in Denmark. That same night, as I left from eating dinner on the outdoor terrace, I bumped into a group of girls that were speaking spanish. I’m not sure if you guys know this about me, but I am actually also fluent in spanish. There were a group of about five girls and I greeted them in Spanish and they were shocked. They didn’t expect a girl like me to be able to speak perfect Spanish. They invited me to also hangout with them that night, but by that point I was already very exhausted and still jet lagged so I passed on the opportunity but I knew deep down that our paths would cross again. I didn’t have many expectations to meet people on the first day like I already had, but I’m very grateful I did. The first night alone in a new dormitory and country can be a bit intimidating, especially knowing that I am thousands of miles away from my mom, but little did they all know that they made the experience so comforting for me.