Mountains in Korea


This week, I visited a city called Sokcho. It is about two hours away from Seoul by bus. Sokcho is located near a beach and very close to the mountains. I went there to visit a friend and it was very nice to get away from the city. I first visited the beach at night and the water was very nice and warm, but the waves were pretty large because it is mainly a surfing beach. The next day I went into the mountains and visited a farm that had sheep. The weather wasn’t that nice because it was raining and very chilly. You could pet a feed the sheep, then take a walk into the mountains and listen to the music that was playing while looking at the view. After the farm, I went to the cable ride which took me to a skywalk. It was very cold and foggy, so I didn’t get to see much. Eventually, I had to visit my campus at Yonsei and pick up my student ID. the campus is very close to my home, so it was convenient. But, the campus was hard to navigate because it is large in size and evenly spread out. After, getting my ID me and my roommates ate on campus at a bakery, which was delicious and a nice area. Later, that week I visited Gangnam and went to various cafes and shops located there. They also have an underground shopping area that is inside the subway station. They have great options for clothes and food vendors. I currently live in Mapo-gu, Seoul which is extremely close to Hongdae, which is the most popular area for young adults and students. Most of the known restaurants and shops are here, so I go pretty regularly, to hang out with friends and eat. I have also become friends with many native Koreas, which has helped me to learn more about Korean culture from a different perspective. Most of them know popular local food and scenery places, so I can try to see life as a logical Korean would and not just from a foreign exchange student perspective. I would like to learn more everyday Korean phrases because I only use a few words regularly. But, I am trying to introduce a new word to use every two days. Recently starting my Korean language class has improved my pronunciation and skills. Some of my roommates know slightly more Korean than I do, so they also help me to practice and learn more words on my own.