Moscow week 5!





Geeze, I can’t believe it has been five weeks already since I’ve been in Moscow. Time truly flies when your having fun and freezing :P. This week has been great. On Sunday I was invited to go visit my friend Dima’s dacha (summer home). It was great, for the first time I was able to take a Russian train and bus. The trains here unfortunately don’t wait for anyone, and leave almost as soon as they arrive, so you have to make sure you hop on fast hehe. The Dacha was super nice and cozy, somewhat like a log cabin. We all cooked pasta, played games and had a BBQ. It was a great opportunity to practice my Russian and learn a lot about Russian culture. We also went to visit the estate where Pushkin (one of Russia’s most famous poets) lived. Later on in the week I went to a performance of traditional Russian dancing. It was super amazing and entertaining! I also went to the “Megamall” (biggest mall in moscow) where I got myself a nice scarf and thermals at the Russian equivilant to Walmart. To finish it all off I ate the first McDonalds ever built in Moscow. Today when I went outside I coulden’t feel my toes or fingers >