Moscow Week 4!!





I can’t believe I’ve been here a whole month already! I guess time truly flies when your having fun. This week was wonderful. Sunday I went on a picnic with some friends (Dima and the rest of his buddies from Edu.USA) to a nearby estate/park. It was Prikrasnaya (Amazingly beautiful)! Next week Dima invited a few of us to go visit his Dacha (Summer home) in a little town outside of Moscow. I can’t wait!

            This Week we also went to a theater downtown and Saw an amazing performance of traditional Russian folk dance. The coordination was so amazing it was  almost Scary.

It really made me feel cultured. On the way back from the performance we stopped by the first McDonalds built in Moscow, and grabbed a bite to eat. (Fast food restaurants down here are so fancy).

            I went downtown again to the red square area a few times this week and took more amazing pics. Finally towards the end of this week we went to a beautiful estate/palace that belonged to Katherine the great, and right across the street was a honey festival, in which we could sample all kinds of honey and honey related products.

Overall this week was great!