Moscow Week 3!!





Moscow Week 3.


Another great week in Moscow. I feel my Russian language proficiency steadily increasing and its a great feeling. On Sunday we met with a teacher/member of the Educate USA program. His name is Dimitry, but we call him Dima. He showed us around the center of Moscow for a bit and also took us to visit the Chirst the savior cathedral. (the biggest church in Moscow) it was beautiful and amazing, unfortunately I could not take any pictures inside ;( . He also took us to visit the famous metro station translated “Revolution square” which has many statues that people touch for good luck.  Later on in the week I took some of the newer arrivals to visit Arbat Street, and we ate at  Sbarros lol. The week finally concluded with an excursion to the Kremlin again, in which this time we got to visit many cathedrals such as “The Assumption Cathedral”. I can’t wait to see what next week has in store!