Moscow Week 2!!!





Week 2 in Moscow has consisted of so much. The week began with an amazing boat ride down the Moscow river. A lot of Moscow’s most impressive buildings are built along the banks of the river, allowing me to take many amazing pictures. Colette, John and I were also able to explore Arbat Street, were I was able to have my first sushi meal in Moscow, complete with Tonkatsu (Breaded pork Cutlet). The new American students also Arrived this week, and I was able to show them around a bit, and made tons of new friends.

I also attended a small classical music performance and a neat underground restaurant amongst other things. The other day at the park Colette and I had met Russian man who had lived in the States for awhile. We talked with him for a bit and learned a lot about the history of the area. I am starting to feel like I have lived in Moscow all my life, and I think I’m also beginning to feel a deeper appreciation for the Russian culture.