Mori Notebook Entry 3





8/1/2018 The Seventh Emotion: Joy

Joy, “great happiness”.
Happiness, “the feeling of being happy”. After revising I’m going to add, “Happiness is that feeling that comes over you when you know life is good and you can’t help but smile.”

I hope that you are reading this chapter the most, to symbolize that you’re happy in your heart. Seriously, if there’s anything that I’ve said that you need to remember, it’s this: “If you’re not happy in your heart, then nothing else matters”. Happiness and joy depend on each person. But there’s one thing for sure, if you think you’re happy, then you must be happy, don’t think about the negative aspects unless you absolutely must, because your happiness can only be determined by you, what your heart feel doesn’t depend on anyone else but you. If you feel joy, then I’m so happy for you, continue to feel that feeling every single day, treasure the feeling.

Listen to your heart, your feelings, that’s far more important than trying to reason with yourself to make conscious decisions. Life gets in the way sometimes and I know that, but always listen to your heart, and don’t ever regret. I want you to know that happiness isn’t always permanent. Most days, happiness is from the sip of fresh coffee, that moment of satisfaction from doing something, it’s short-lived, so do know that happiness is not just what’s here and now. Always strive for joy, because the world is beautiful. As long as you hold onto what’s important to you, the world will continue to shine brightly, and care for all the little things, for they are the essence of a happy life. Live in the present, make plans for the future, and never ever regret the past.

Edina: “I think that joy is fleeting, a split second, momentary happiness, but happiness is forever; or well, it lasts longer than joy, I’m sure there’s a stark difference between the two.”

8/2/2018 The Eighth Emotion: Envy

Envy, “to wish that you had something that another person has; other word would be “jealous”.

Whenever you’re reading this portion of the notebook, you must be feeling a sense of jealousy towards something or at someone. Humans are naturally suspicious and jealous creatures. When they see something great or perfect, they either want it or try to find a flaw. It’s okay to feel this emotion, because it’s normal, and from another perspective if you’re too lucky or too talented yourself, people will become jealous of you. Sometimes envy isn’t a negative emotion, it can be happy, and it can be silly as well. I’m jealous of other people all the time! Of other’s grades, relationships, pets, cars, expensive things, familial love, I want so much. Realizing that we can’t get everything in life is a gift, instead of being jealous, you learn to appreciate what you have already have, because naturally with time, you will eventually get what you want.

Samara: “Even if you feel like the other person may have everything you want, don’t envy them, for the grass is greener on the other side. You always want you can’t have, and that’s okay!”

8/3/2018 The Ninth Emotion: Kindness

Kindness, “generous, helpful, and thinking about how other people’s feelings.”

The best kind of kindness is the kind that expects nothing in return. When you do expect something in return, that’s business, not kindness. Volunteering is an act of kindness, you help other people out of your free will, never expecting a reward, I believe that altruism is kindness.

Kindness is one of the most important emotions in this world. It drives us to act for the good of others. Wanting to make people smile, helping others, giving gifts; kindness is never pointless. Continue having kindness in your heart, and shower others with love and gratitude. People are mirrors. If you’re kind to them, they will reflect that kindness back. Never stop being kind, but also know that you can’t be kind to everyone, there’s simply not enough time for it. When dealing with people, don’t push your feelings onto others. No matter what pretty words you may use, the genuineness of your feelings and action mean more than anything else. No one really starts out kind. Kindness is something that we have to learn as we go. It’s something that grows and develops slowly over time. As I had encountered kindness in my life, I wanted to be kind myself. I wanted to be able to do something for others, just like others had done so for me.

Gentleness, decency, courtesy, affection, altruism, grace, benevolence, cordiality, humanity, unselfishness, tenderness, hospitality, sympathy, good-well, patience, understanding, all of these words are synonyms of kindness. Kindness has great importance in our life, and as long as you possess this quality, your path will be bright. Don’t forget that as long as the kindness received from others is returned back, it’s fine even if it takes time. Don’t ever forget that.

Jack: “Kindness is the stitching that keeps the fabric of humanity together, together this fabric is a beautiful quilt, and without this stitching, we are just ragged scattered pieces of cloth.”