Mori Notebook Part 2





Part 2

7/26/2018 The Third Emotion: Gratitude

Gratitude, “the feeling or quality of being grateful.”

This is one of my most cherished emotions. I hope that you’ll remain grateful always for all the good things in your life, for even the nights get longer and the summers get shorter, I hope that you will always maintain a sense of gratitude towards not only people, but towards all living and nonliving things. To feel gratitude means that you’re thankful for another people’s kindness. I always believed that when a person did something nice for you, a favor, gift, or loving, if you can’t pay them back, you can pay it forward to someone else instead. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Opportunities, there will be many moments for you to be kind to others, and when you do, the world will smile upon you, the flowers will bloom, and the universe will send you good vibes. Treasure this feeling of being thankful, for it will enlighten your “path” in life.

Tyler: “There is a feeling of gratitude, and the expression of gratitude, I think the way how you express your gratitude is the most important thing, it will not only change how you feel, but the other person as well.” In hindsight, I should have asked Tyler for more quotes, he’s very smart.

Samara: “I think life should be based on it.” I don’t think she had to say any more than this.


7/27/2018 The Fourth Emotion: Shame

Shame, “a feeling of disappointing or not satisfactory.”

In life, it’s okay to be ashamed. But what’s important is to not feel disappointment or see the event as a bad event. Whether it’s disappointing or not depends on the person. Things like uneasiness or indecision are in everyone’s lives. It’s okay to be disappointed at yourself, someone else, or something. What’s important is to appreciate and grow from every kind of result. If you can grow from them, you can understand that all events are for the purpose of growing and you can appreciate them. There is no life without its happy moments, just like there is no life without regrets, but like regrets, you must strive to live without regrets. It’s impossible, but, don’t agonize yourself, it’ll only result in negative emotions. I think that if you choose your path based on your true feeling, it’ll hurt just a little bit less when you feel the same regret, or shame, right? Don’t feel shameful, be proud and have confidence in yourself.

Thomas: “Reuben is shame”. He’s my favorite roommate, but not the day he said it to me.
Thomas: “I think that shame relates to regret, but I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad emotion, I see it as a chance to better one’s self. Shame is universal, and we should embrace it, instead of shying away, trying to avoid it, we need to do our best to overcome this ordeal.”


7/28/2018 The Fifth Emotion: Trust

Trust, “to believe that someone is good and honest, or something that is safe and reliable.”

Trust is a such a big word, it can mean to believe in people, things, or events, but if there’s one advice I always say: I’d rather trust and regret, than doubt and regret. I mean, there’s no use in wondering who someone really is, all you can do is trust them and accept them for who they are, because the person you come to know is who that person really is. Trust is like faith, and my definition of faith is “believing without seeing”. Concerning friends, family, or your significant other, trust isn’t simply a word, companions; are all about heart. It’s the unconditional trust in your partners. When you feel this sense of ”trust”, feel free to lean on them for support, and in turn, they will lean on you as well. It’s important in relationships in work, friends, love, and family.

Confidence, “the quality of being certain in your abilities or of having trust in people.”

Ponder this, if someone didn’t have any pride, wouldn’t they also be lacking in self-confidence? If someone was free of greed, wouldn’t they have trouble supporting their family? If people didn’t envy one another, wouldn’t they stop inventing things? What I’m saying is, emotions that could be bad are sometimes good. It’s all about perspective, the angle in which you live life, or say, a marble that you hold up to the sky, all the emotions in life are necessary. It’s only natural to be frightened or nervous whenever you encounter a new person, new obstacle, or a new challenge. Trust me, confidence is something you build up, triumph upon triumph, it’s gained naturally with time, so be confident, trust in yourself, and you can do anything you want.

Thomas: “Trust is leaving yourself in a vulnerable position. With trust, you can shorten boundaries and get to understand someone on a personal level; that signifies a great bond.”

7/29/2018 The Sixth Emotion: Loneliness and Solitude

Solitude, “the situation of being alone with other people.”
Loneliness, “the state of being lonely”. Adding, “loneliness includes anxious feelings about a lack of connection or communication with other beings, a complex and unusually emotional”.

I’m writing about loneliness and solitude because I believe them to be two separate emotions. Their unpleasant emotions, yet they can happen to us all the time. One ought to experience loneliness at least once. Don’t ever let this emotion get to you. Everyone experiences this negative emotion, I have experienced this feeling so many times in my life I lost count. Choose to not be lonely! You have your friends and family by your side to keep you company. In these modern times, all you need is a cell phone to feel connected! Hunger and loneliness is two of the worst things in this world, so choose to love, care about yourself and others, and continue to be a pillar of support, so that the other people in this world won’t feel either hunger or loneliness.

Ling Laoshi: “Loneliness is being by yourself without people around you. Solitude is “having people around you, yet still feel alone”. Solitude does not equal to, or greater than, loneliness.