Mirando Hacia Atrás





Looking Back

Soaking up my last moments in Barcelona, I can’t help but look back on my precious time in this beautiful city. I’ve been able to not only witness but experience the city the way it was 25 years ago before tourism. Never again will there be such a time as the one I’ve been in during this season. I’ve enjoyed the way people take three-hour lunch breaks to eat and talk amongst good company. I’ve also enjoyed the way the whole city takes naps right after. I’ve enjoyed the way bread and cheese are staples and pastries are acceptable to eat at any time of the day (or night!). I’ve enjoyed the way the mountains, city, and ocean are all at the tips of my fingers. I’ve enjoyed the way my host family has accepted me as their own. I’ve enjoyed the way people speak five languages and the way they correct my broken Spanish. But most importantly, I have enjoyed the people I’ve had the privilege to come into contact with. Whether for three minutes or these past three months, I’ve met people from all over the world. I’ve heard parts of their stories and have been privileged enough to share some of mine. It’s amazing how quickly people open up when you actually take the time to ask and then listen. Be intentional with the time you’re given and with the people put in front of you. You never know how one conversation can plant a seed or even change their life or yours.

Thank you kindly for following me along on my journey in Barcelona. Thank you to the Fund for Education Abroad and Malú Alvarez Global Access Scholarship for supporting me on this journey.