Mind, Body, & Soul





It is hard to see but this is one huge hill I climb in the mornings.

Here in Korea, there are many places to visit that are near and far. You can arrive at the destinations by taxi, subway, bus, or simply by walking. I personally do not exercise often, even when I am at home or in school. However, Hanyang University is located on top of a hill, so every morning, afternoon, and evening I would climb stairs, and hills. The first week of school was exhausting and it was not even the homework that was exhausting. The hills around here are steep and I would say more than a forty-five degree angle. Ever time I would make it to the library or class buildings, I would need to take a rest. I realized that in order to improve my endurance, I would need to exercises and work on my cardio.

More and more stairs!

One of the ways I have added an exercise into my routine is walking along the nature trail everyday. This trail extends about ten to fifteen miles in each direction. At first, I started with just one or two miles a day in one direction such as east. What I love about the trail is that no matter which direction you take, the scenic view is something to take in! I could walk for miles and miles without knowing that time has passed by. One Sunday of last week I managed to walk thirty miles just to see how far the trail is, I was tired but I enjoyed the experience! There are just some great spots to stop and admire the view, and think about how far I have come.

One of many views on the trail! Soccer complex and Lotte World is so close!

Walking these past few weeks has helped me mentally and physically as well. I feel way better about my health then I did back at home. I feel I have more energy, I am more focused, I feel determined to give it one hundred percent of the time. One thing I have noticed is that the students here do not mind one bit about the hills and stairs. They act as if everything around was normal and just go head on. I wish I had that type of endurance, but that will come with more practice as well. Even my eating habits have changed a little! I am starting to have a more balanced meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. As the semester continues, I plan on walking more often and taking the stairs when I can. I have learned that exercise is key in Seoul!

One of the study rooms to do your homework.