Metro Boomin’




The city of lights and love is known to be a global center of art, fashion, culture, and gastronomy. Consisting of 20 districts, each one is unique. You could spend hours exploring one quarter by walking, but what is the best way to get across town to tour the others? The metro system. With over 300 stations, the metro may look intimidating, but it is one of Paris’s most reliable transportation systems. I use the metro daily, whether going to school or meeting friends in a different quarter. Using the metro is quite simple. If you were to look at a metro map, you would first need to figure out where you are and what station you are at, then you seek your destination and the nearest metro station. You follow the line and switch according to what trains go to your desired location. The trains come every 2-5 minutes, and signs are everywhere to help you find the train’s location. I take the metro line 7 daily because it goes through the city’s center and connects to some of the biggest metro stations, such as Chatlet and Opera.

Studying abroad is a fantastic experience, and I recommend this Paris program at the American Business School of Paris to every student interested in attaining an international education. Whether you are abroad for six weeks to a year, you will make unforgettable memories and grow both in maturity and culturally. If there were something I wish I had known before studying abroad, it would be the different metro ticket options. You can buy a pack of ten tickets for roughly 16 euros, or 1.75 euros each. It is a better investment to purchase the packet of ten, so researching the transportation deals is essential before studying abroad!