Mercury is in Retrograde




And I’m using that as an excuse to why my post is so late but really it’s school and the overwhelming realization that my time here is fast approaching the end. I have never been so busy in my life and I love it. This semester I knew I wanted to focus more on school and on my extracurriculars. I’ve spoken about my lack of involvement in previous post and this semester I wanted to do more. Because of this I’m now busier than ever. On top of my studies I’m not sure how I’m able to balance it all but I know I will.

I’m working on making sure I don’t become overwhelmed and am focusing alot on self-care. To stop burn out I take a number of steps to make sure I’m making myself a priority as well. One of the ways I do this is by allotting one day a week to myself with no technology. During this day I do the things I enjoy most. I like going for a walk, painting my nails, doing facials, and reading. They’re small things to others but they allow me to stay grounded and not let myself feel as if I can’t continue. Another way I have stopped burn out is by journaling, out side of this blog. I try to write a small paragraph or so every night about the things I learned in class or personal reflections. Outside of school; setting goals, reflecting, and making my mental health a priority have been some of the things I’ve learned from my time abroad.

Honestly though, without the help of the people within my inner circle no amount of facials could have gotten me this far. I am participating more because of the people around me pushing me to be better. I am reflecting more because of my friends who have helped me learned to overcome my fears of failure.

This coming up month is my make it or break it month. This month I find out about some applications I put in for summer internships. On top of that the semester is coming to an end which means one thing, EXAMS!! I have already begun a study guide that will hopefully help to get the best grades I can. When not in class or associations, I am thinking about class and associations. I’ve even started having those weird dreams where you’re trying to take an exam, then you look up at the clock and the time is almost over but you haven’t written a word. I of course have faith in my abilities but the stress can feel a bit crippling. On a positive note I have my plane ticket and I will be back home by June 1st. I’m sad I’ll be leaving but I’m very excited to see my family especially my niece.

So, while my life may be a bit hectic right now and Mercury may still be in retrograde for one more day it has not put a damper on me.