Merci- Thank you




A letter of thanks

Anna, Thank you for the challenge to help me learn French. Never speaking English at the institute.

Brigitte, my beautiful host mom, the food, the bed, the washing of the clothes, the packing of the lunch, the hard-boiled eggs, the laughs at the tables, and me paining your ears from screaming. It feels like just yesterday I walked in your home with red here… and now I’m RE(a)D(y) to come back!

Carmen, my beautiful Mexican goddess. Your kind words never went unnoticed. The best hype woman a guy could find.

Denisse- DENISSE GOES TO NICE! I’m going to miss your beautiful smile. Always thankful for your positivity. Get to class on time and do your homework!


Florence, “upp upp upp! L’INSTITUTE” Florence, a tradition French woman you are the heart of the trip. You gave us manners, you gave us French essentials, and I will never be on time for anything again

Giovanni, YOU A CITY GIRL YAA BABY. Unapologetically yourself. Never change.



Johnny Bravo- Alabama’s king. Those Pringles taste different in France.


Louise, one of the smartest women I’ve met while being In France. Your understanding of both the English and French language allowed me and the other students to better learn. You’re kind, young, and so intelligent. Thank you.

Miko!!!! Konichiwa! I cannot believe I went two weeks thinking that you we’re that committed to French, but the entire time you did not speak English. I love it! You’re so kind and was one of the most challenging friendships because I’ve never had a friend who didn’t speak English, or who didn’t understand every word that I spoke. It was growing, but life changing.

Nadia, Poise, Grace, and so smart. You truly know what it means to live your life to the fullest. Travel, see the world. There is so much to see but so little time.


Pol, my boy !!! Feels like yesterday we had the same pants on at the Loire. I’ll be back to visit you, pal. But remember, I will always be the king of runways.

Quincy, YESSS CHRISTOPHER JOHN, GO AWF! Your fashion was iconic, but your soul was inspirational.

Ron, we don’t really know each other much because you left so early for Paris. But you threw up on my hand and I’m not upset about it!

Sean, brotha from anotha motha! You truly are one of the kindest beings on earth. Your personality is amazing, and your French is not too bad for a long islander I’m going to miss you so much

Toto- you were my first friend in France. I spoke very little french, and you spoke very little english. Thats what made this friendship so incredible. Tu me manquerais.


Valentin, The French king who was impossible to take. Meeting you was one the best moments to happen while studying in France. May Justin Bieber live through you forever, and I’m delighted to have met you, king! VB


Xi-shing- German, Chinese, English, French.. A WOMAN.

Yu, my sweet host brother. Chinese, English, French, and Japanese, you are the king of languages. At 25 years old you have already accomplished so much. It was great to have someone to look up to.