May we live in interesting times




Have you ever took the time to think about the time we truly live in?

This weekend my class and I made the trek to Venice for one of the most prestigious art shows internationally known for the amazing works of art that are displayed every year. This years “theme” was “may we live in interesting times”. Indeed we live in interesting times if we think about it. The advancement in computers, social networking, and communication have soared, but still, we seem to be as disconnected as ever.

This exhibition in Venice, called the Venice Biennale, was the showcase of many different genres of this theme. One which caught my eyes was this Large robotic arm that pushed around what looked like blood in a circle. Moving in an almost animalistic forms, performing dances and a variety of moves that made it look like a gigantic animal in a cage. Ultimately, the artist wanted the viewer to feel somewhat astonished on how a robotic arm could possibly seem like an animal. Something this big seemed ominous in a way, and was successful as a whole in my opinion. They brought many people nearby and the attention of its’ audience.

    Another 2 installments that peaked my interest were also mechanically based. ( I am majoring in car design so this especially hit me). This installment was a Ducati Motorcycle bike cut directly in half. By doing this, the internals were exposed, you could virtually see everything inside that runs the engine. The pistons, exhaust, fuel line, fuel tank, combustion chamber, and more that helped the driver practically touch the ground with the amount of downforce and power it delivers. On the wall perpendicular to this bike, there was also the drivers suit, cut directly in half. Laid out flat on the wall, looks almost like an animal pelt that was once the drivers prized possession. I stayed in this room for about 30 more minutes admiring how precise everything was and imagining how they dissected all of the parts from this bike.

After the Venice Biennale, we had to check out some more of the history of Venice. The modes of transportation was pretty mind boggling. There were really only 2 modes of transportation. Taking a boat, or walking about 20 minutes to the next city. We ended up in San Marco, one of the more Tourist attracted cities. Taking a break from the contemporary, we visited one of the most beautiful pieces of artwork I have seen since I have been in Italy called, “Palazzo Ducale”

This really made me wonder how in such medieval times, the artist who created these works of art, the extreme talent and time/ effort that was put into virtually everyone of these rooms in the palace. With each room, there were these gigantic walls that seemed to dwarf you and really just break your neck out of curiosity of the amount of gold leaf and art. With research, I found these artist and the tools they used to make these very precise details. Very small chisels and markers that they had to master in those times. I was just astonished at the mastery these artist portrayed, and I know with persistence, hard work, and motivation, I can one day live up to the same legend these artist have.

After all, we are all human. We all have the ability to aspire to something great, and continue the fact that we live in Interesting times.