Magic at Kew Gardens






I decided to visit the Kew Gardens for their Orchid Festival the first full weekend of February. Since the oyster card I have provided through my program only covers Zones 1 and 2, I got off at Hammersmith, took a detour to grab a delicious almond croissant at a lovely French bakery before looking for a bus to take to the Kew Gardens.

However, the estimated bus times fluctuated, and I miscalculated the time I needed to leave by so I was in a rush to catch a bus to the Gardens. When I did get on the bus, I had been looking at a different bus route, so I missed the stop I was supposed to get off at. Running late to the scheduled entrance time to view the orchards, I was feeling a little antsy as I hurriedly made my way to Kew Gardens worried that I would be denied entry especially since the ticket specified strict admittance according to the time stated. Already envisioning being denied entry and the ticket and money spent being wasted, I was feeling a bit anxious.

Then finally arriving at the Gardens I got lost and headed in the wrong direction having misidentified the building the Orchid Festival was being held at. Feeling a little anxious, I finally made my way over to the proper building only to see a huge line. All I could do was get in line and hope for the best. I was grateful that I had booked my ticket in advance unlike some who had waited in line not knowing that the exhibition required pre-booking only to be turned away at the door.

Despite being around thirty minutes later than my entry time, I was able to be let in, no problem which I was exceedingly grateful for. It also made me feel a bit silly for having been so worried before, but that’s how worries go sometimes. Although it was a crowded and packed line of people slowly making their way through the greenhouse, it was quite beautiful to see all these flowers. It was also a bonus that the sky was clear and bright! Orchids always make me think of my grandma who cares for them at home. The orchids were stunning and beautiful and of course I took many photos to send to her. I came out feeling very happy, all anxieties from before washed away, and excited for the rest of the day I had to spend at Kew Gardens.

It was such a beautiful and blissful day wandering through the green space enjoying the clear weather (a rarity in London and thoroughly appreciated when they do come). It felt almost magical, which is cheesy to say. I did have this wish to be able to bring my grandma and mom here, and to share this wonderous experience with them, but sometimes some things are just wishes.

There are definitely stretches of harder days in London, where I feel blue and struggle, but moments like these days do come. When they come, they are much appreciated and really feel like blissful magic. Not all days have to be happy or will be happy, but some days will be.