LWRC First International Music Festival





Performance: “Journey” by Lea SalongaProgram: LWRC 1st International Music FestivalVenue: Lung Wah Residential CollegesI have studied abroad at the University of Hong Kong for an academic year. Within two short semesters, I have learned a lot from a group of diverse friends. As the term is coming to an end, I hope to share my gratitude through this song because it has indeed been a wonderful journey!

The Lung Wah Residence will be hosting a music festivals to celebrate the diversity of its halls. This residential hall is collectively composed of four dormitory buildings (Blocks A – D), accomodating a diverse number of students from around the world. This year, the demographic profile of Block A is mainly Mainland Chinese students and Block B mostly international or exchange students. Blocks C and D were later released after a delayed opening and these blocks accomodate mostly local Hong Kong residents.

The theme of the music festival is to present songs from different countries in which the Lung Wah choir is made of: Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Korea, Great Britain and America. 

As the only American exchange student in the residential hall choir, I will be representing America by singing Lea Salonga “The Journey”. I selected this song because its about a young girl encountering many obstacles and experiences during her trip across the world but not forgeting the friendships she made along the way. 

Besides the RC Choir, the program also showcased the Chinese Music Instrument club. Students performed ancient Chinese instruments such as guzheng,  dizi, and erhu. My favorite is the guzheng.,  because it plays like a sideways harp and makes as many sounds as a piano! 

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