Having Loved Ones Visit


Yay, they are here!!

In the last two weeks of May I had loved ones visit. First being my boyfriend, Ricardo then some of my family (dad, younger brother, and younger sister). I planned a jam-packed schedule. I wanted them to see all that Costa Rica has to offer. Of course, they were here to see me more than they were to see the country.

During that time, I had gotten use to my daily routine of Costa Rica and didn’t notice how much I had miss them. Even when we had no plans it would be okay because we were together.

I wanted to make this trip important and memorable for my dad because he didn’t travel much. My family contains seven people, my parents, my four siblings, and me. This trip was important. My dad was traveling with my two younger siblings who he wanted to feel more connected to. I believed he enjoyed it because being around each other for a whole week means that you get to see all the little things about a person. I don’t think he gets to experience this as often as he works 10 hours a day and my siblings are either finishing high school or in college. Often times, necessary time spent with family is forgotten.

I’m grateful to have the opportunity to plan their trip. I was also reminded of what I have waiting for me once I return home.