Lotte World by Husnaa!!


Hey guys! Welcome to my third blog of many more. I am studying abroad in South Korea for those who didn’t know. My favorite part of this entire week was taking a trip to Lotte World with some of my good friends from back home. All four of us live together in the same Airbnb and we come from the same university as well. Thank you study abroad at Yonsei for bringing us all together.

Lotte World is literally the world’s biggest indoor theme park and it also has an outdoor amusement park called Magic Island. There are also so many different food options around you. I am a vegetarian so typically it is difficult for me to find food around me. As soon as I got hungry, I walked over to a food court and found the most delicious vegetarian pizza hot pocket ever! When I tell you guys, the spices blended in right with the different veggies, and the mozzarella cheese just made it all go together.

We wanted the actual full traditional experience of Lotte World. So, we rented school-girl outfits for the day. Which I thought was the cutest thing ever. I have always wanted to attend a school where it has school uniforms as dress codes, so being able to wear it all day was like a dream come true.

We had no clue such a thing even existed until I had come across a Tiktok on my for you page a couple days before we went. The place is called “Ewha School Uniform,” (Ehwa Gyobok). It’s right next to Lotte World which is very convenient. The cool thing about the shop is that it has a indoor classroom studio where you can take pictures. It has a vanity/dressing room where you can do your makeup and your hair. Not to mention the different types of styles of uniforms and accessories to enhance your personality. It’s quite a popular thing to wear uniforms with your girl friends but it’s even more popular to see couples wearing matching uniforms.

Lotte World to me looked like a different version of Disney World with all the different colors and characters walking around. The indoor part was mostly for smaller kids and it had smaller rides as well. One ride that I noticed that was pretty interesting was hot air balloons that circled the rim of the roof. My favorite ride was the gyro spin. The ride was on the edge of the water which made it seem like you were kind of flying over an ocean.

Lotte World also had a Halloween section of the amusement park too. The haunted house is something that I don’t recommend if you get scared easily. My best friend and I literally didn’t want to finish it. The mirror maze right next to it was pretty funny because we couldn’t find our way out. Lotte World was so fun to us that we promised each other to bring our kids together in the future!