Lots of Coffee






Hello there,

Thus far the only thing that is packed is my head. My suitcases are empty even though I have less than 3 days till I leave on this amazing trip that will without a doubt change me. I am boarding a plane in Fort Lauderdale with a final destination of Beijing, China. I have been dreaming of this trip ever since I began studying in FIU and finally, it has come true.  The only thing I have to say to that is,,,, DON’T GIVE UP EVER! I didn’t, even when all I had left was but a mere hope that one day I would be able to experience life overseas.  Today was a productive day; I purchased my ticket to Bangkok, Thailand for Golden Week. Golden Week is the week we have off in China which falls on the first week of October and coincidentally my 24th birthday isn’t that fabulous? I figured you should know a bit more about me since you are taking the time to read this; I am a big coffee drinker. I don’t like the flavored coffees, I like straight up good ol’ soulful coffee. It makes me happy. I also enjoy gardening and watching them grow. I have been swimming forever. Since I was 8 years old and both my brother and sister would play water polo as I swam in the lane next to them.  I highly recommend swimming for fitness as well as meditation; it’s perfect for when you want to think things over. I will be updating you with more useful information regarding China. Places to visit, foods to try, I guess you can relate to me as your caffeinated tourist guide. Ok, must go do some packing. Thanks for reading my journal… more to come.