London, The Rain, and Everything in Between.


Good morning to you. Good afternoon for me. Week two in London and I must admit that its been quite uneventful. Besides the boat party, seeing a live performances on the tube, and going to the the Museum of London, nothing else has been going on. Oh, wait,  can’t forget about class, particularly the British Life & Culture course. I feel like I learned so much about London, England, and Great Britian in the past two weeks that I can I apply for citizenship. For instance did you know that there are actually two London’s? Yes, I know. London and The city of London which is in London. Its kinda of confusing but to help you understand, think of London as Los Angeles County, and The City of London as Los Angeles the city. Get it.

As a whole, the entire So Cal AIFS group went on field trip to the Museum of London, which I must say is very, very nice. London as a rich history, and debating all the way to biblical times, this museum has everything you need to know. The only down side was the we had to walk there, in pouring rain. That has not fun. I even bought an umbrella which failed miserably at is job 3 hours later when it decided to break. As we black people say, not the business. But other then the Rain its been very beautiful out here, I love walking around my neighborhood, and I have been to a couple of food places around the area that are quite delicious of I do say so myself.

I have not been on any excursions yet, but as soon as that financial aid money comes, I can start planning. Unfortunately, by the time it does get here, rates will be higher. I personally think that for students study abroad, citrus college should send out checks the 1st week we are so that way we can plan accordingly, but that’s just wishful thinking. I’m not feeling homesick, at all, but I do miss my a baby girl. PLOT TWIST.

Two months before coming I found out I was the father two beautiful baby girl, and began to establish a relationship with her before I left, spending as much time with her as I could. Now, though its only been two weeks, I really miss her a lot. But i am determined to have as much fun as possible while I am here. Tonight I am going to see Wicked the play. I cant wait.

So until next time you fiends, Put some chalkies on it! (Inside joke)20150905_104515_HDR 20150910_135705 20150910_135751_HDR 20150910_140234 IMG_20150910_111616 IMG_20150910_140014 IMG_20150913_233555 IMG_20150916_000203 IMG_20150916_062229 IMG_20150916_073555 IMG_20150916_074622 IMG_20150916_075902 IMG_20150916_080102 IMG_20150916_082120 IMG_20150916_082754