London Study Abroad


The Acadmic Side

This week was the toughest so far of my study abroad, and this is counting the time I fell asleep on the tube. Yes, I did, and as you can read, I am still alive and well. Anyway, this week began quick paced because I had two quizzes due in the beginning (25% of total), a poster presentation (25%), and then revision for finals, which were a whopping 50% of the total. No doubt about it, I was terrified but excited. My friends and I had already made a study plan for the week. And, we stuck with it mostly except for those spontaneous decisions to just go out because my brain is turning to mush from information overload.

The entire week was a whirlwind of panic and happiness that it was almost over. Also sorrow, it was almost over! The friends I had made for the course session would be returning home while I remained here. Meeting people was the most important part of the experience to me. Being surrounded by people of different cultures who thought so unlike me was truly an enlightening experience. The poster presentation was a daunting especially since we only had a week to research, put it together, and rehearse our parts. Of course, we still managed to pull it off with mild success.

After finals ended, we gathered in the lobby of the building to discuss what we were doing afterwards. Of course, we would be going to the boat party provided by our uni but what else was there to do? Then, a higher power decided for us. Outside, it began to rain. Now, this wouldn’t have normally bothered me, but I had accidentally bought an asymmetrical umbrella. One half of my body was well protected from the rain, the other side…not so much. By that, I mean, not at all so I put my soles to the pavement and went home for lunch.

Leisurely Activities

On Sunday, I took a train trip to Brighton, a lively seaside town. It was the first trip I made by myself so far. Of course, I explored London often enough on my own, but I was only a phone call away from my Nomi-mommy if I ran into trouble. This was just the tiniest bit further and I didn’t have reliable transportation. But I had already made the decision to go so I was sticking to it!

I left at 10 that morning, and I was very surprised how easy it was to find and board the train. I spent the hour of the ride chatting with a woman from Brighton who spent day in London just for the convenience and fun of it. We were well matched because I chose Brighton because of proximity, attractions, and to have something new to experience. I spent the day going through the Lanes and eating fudge and fish. Sounds like a bad combination, but there was time in between those two. I toured the Pavillion and had a light snack on the lawn. Then, I walked the stony beach and rode amusement rides nearby as well a small ziplining ride. It was honestly a great time except that I wimped out on kayaking because I can’t swim and I couldn’t conquer my fear. I am here in London for 3 more weeks so I will try again later. Wish me luck!

During the week, we ate out quite a bit to spend time with those who were leaving at the end of the week. We also had a game of rounders at Regent’s park. It was great fun especially since it started out playful before it getting very competitive between a few people.

In the middle of the week, there was an open invitation to Paris between our group of friends. Exciting, right?

Until, I checked the prices and decided Amsterdam was more my speed. I told my friend who changed his mind, too. Truthly, he stated, I just want to go somewhere.

So we spent the end of the week making plans and buying tickets for Amsterdam. I am currently on the train there, writing this up listening to Southern Nights by Glen Campbell. Not important but I thought you all should know.