London Muncher






I have been in London for three weeks, and dessert after a meal is always a must. I have had so much gelato and so many different types of pastries. There have been a few good restaurants that I have visited and I can not wait to add more to the list. Below are my favorites…

Overall Favorite dessert: Nutella-filled churro from “Churro London” in Camden Market

Favorite Meal: Sausage roll from “Ginger Pig” in Borough Market

Favorite Icecream: Cookie dough Icecream from Udderlicious

Honorable Mention: Beck’s Cafe (The location is close to the IES building and the chicken kebab plate is full of flavor and is a great portion.)

If you ever find yourself in London, make sure to hit up these amazing spots.

P.S. Be ready to add extra extra extra salt to everything in London

-from a fellow American who learned this the hard way