London, Me, & The BBC


Good Morning You Fiends! Some of you may be just waking up, but for me it is afternoon already. I hope all is well back home, I sent back around 10 – 13 postcards. I hope you all got them. This week was uneventful, well, except for taking another blood-boiling midterm in my psychology, going to the BBC, and today my Project is due for my Motion Picture Appreciation class. I actually did well on my midterm, scoring 92 out of 100. Not Bad if I do say so myself. So as of right now my grades are as the following:

Psychology 101 – B, Motion Picture Appreciation – A, British Life & Culture – A, and Mass Media & Communication – A.  #BeastMode

I really proud of myself for maintain a high GPA, being in another country, combined with missing friends and family, can be very distracting, but I have been doing everything I need to to make sure that I get good grades on all my assignments.

As I said early, we went to the BBC this week, which is the British Broadcasting Corporation. Where they have converge all forms of media into this one building. We were a part of an interactive tour. Which aloud many of the studio to perform in mock news programming and radio shows. They also gave some history on the BBC and showed us the main command center where they get all their news. It was very eye open tour. For any one that is considering study in media, I recommend visiting the BBC. Also, the have radio audience room where the general public can come and watch radio shows live, and they also have live concerts in this same room. Pretty freaking awesome!

Mock Weather Report           Mock News Report           Mock Radio Show

Yesterday was November the 5th, which here in London is celebrated as Guy Fawkes day which is an annual commemoration. November 5th, 1605, when Guy Fawkes, a member of the Gunpowder Plot, was arrested while guarding explosives the plotters had placed beneath the House of Lords. As is seen in the movie V for Vendetta, which is a adaptation of comic book of the same name. So both Wednesday and Thursday nights fireworks went up all around London.

Fireworks in Muswell Hill

Well that’s it for this week. Now to get started on this paper that’s due later.

Until next… Put some chalkies on it!IMG_20151102_075012 IMG_20151102_113052 IMG_20151103_082941 IMG_20151102_075303 IMG_20151102_074827 IMG_20151103_083003 IMG_20151103_083852 IMG_20151103_083451 IMG_20151103_083121 IMG_20151103_073849 IMG_20151103_071111 IMG_20151103_072955 IMG_20151103_071033 IMG_20151103_074628 IMG_20151102_074518 IMG_20151103_071537 received_10206948135009449