Let the Journey Begin!




Pre-Departure Vlog!

As I’m finishing up packing, it’s really starting to hit me that I start to take on my journey in London, England in less than 48 hours! I’d like to introduce myself to everyone since we’ll have the pleasure of spending all summer together. I’m Maddie Mougalian, and I just finished up my second year at the University of Florida.

It’s remarkable that I’m now considered an upperclassman! Time’s traveling by way too fast. I’m a Business Administration student with a specialization in Sports Management as well as minoring in Economics. I’d also like to receive a Masters in International Business during my time at UF, which this trip abroad will allow me to already have an international experience that I can utilize to bring to the program.

This summer, I’m participating in the UF in London Study and Intern program that my school’s Heavener School of Business offers. This program was the clear choice as it not only gives me the opportunity to travel around London and the rest of Europe, but it also allows me to truly immerse myself in England’s culture through my internship with a local company.

Unfortunately, I haven’t received my placement for this internship yet, but I will be sure to update you all once I do! I went to London in June of 2015 for a couple of days and I still constantly talk about it. From the moment I left, I knew I wanted to go back for a longer period of time. Even though they also speak English in England, the culture is still drastically different which was extremely fascinating to me.

During my time abroad, I will be taking a British Life and Business course during the first six weeks of my time in London. I’m especially excited for this course as it’s not like the generic college course that we’re used to. Rather than being stuck in one room listening to a lecture, the whole city of London is our classroom.

We will be traveling around the city, learning in more of a hands-on environment. Beyond this, I will be participating in my internship as well as taking an internship course during my second six weeks abroad. In addition, I’m taking Principles of Management online through UF throughout the duration of the summer.

I’ve never been one to hold myself back from my dreams. I find a dream, and I’ll do everything in my power to achieve it. Some dreams are smaller than others and some are scarier than others. For example, I’m actually from Michigan, so my desire to attend the University of Florida was of course intimidating. I’d be moving halfway across the country away from my family and not knowing anyone at that school.

However, despite this intimidation, I’ve come to absolutely fall in love with the University of Florida. It is one of my favorite places and has many of my favorite people. This success encouraged me to push myself further. As if halfway across the country wasn’t enough, let’s try halfway across the world! Once again not knowing anybody, but I’m very excited and have a very open mind about the process.

I’m finally less than two days away and even though I’m dreading the 8.5 hour flight, I’m beyond enthusiastic about the journey that lies ahead. So let the journey begin and I’ll see you in London!