Have you ever been amazed by the sea?

Not any type of sea, but the blue, clear, warm Aegean Sea.

Have you ever felt like you were at home?

Where you are allowed to let go and be your complete self.

Your mask just melts.

Do you remember the last time the sea, sun, and wind gave you a warm hug?

The waves were oozing, sun was shining, and the wind was blowing

You allow yourself to transform into your own artform.

Have you ever felt like you belong somewhere?

While you are sitting in the sun, feet in the sand, just chilling with the hot Greece air.

Realizing that this is not my reality, which is unfair.

Do you ever wonder who the sea loves?

Or if the sea believes that you are worthy of love?

The sea has no language,

just beach trees, that live so carefree.

The sea does not discriminate

And loves each of its soulmates like a figure eight.

Maybe we should all strive to be more like the Aegean Sea

Alive, calm, and at peace.

Poem Analysis:

Aegina, a quiet seaside island in Greece, was a pleasant relief from the fast-paced rush of London. The soothing sound of waves crashing against rocks and the smell of salty sea air provided a moment of peace and reflection. As I sat still, I could not help but feel thankful for the opportunity to travel and explore new places. However, the transient nature of my time abroad left me with a sense of melancholy. Despite this, my travels have inspired me to investigate other places where I may perhaps call home, even if not permanently. The natural beauty and quiet ambiance of Aegina have had a lasting effect on me, reminding me that the world is full of amazing locations just waiting to be discovered.