Learning Italian in Italy





Being in America learning a different language was very difficult for me. I would be in class for 2 hours a day and then once I left the knowledge of French would go straight out of my brain. French is a difficult language for me, so I’ve always believed that every language would be difficult for me. Learning Italian in Italy changed my view on learning a different language. the whole semester I pushed myself to practice the language as much as I could because I was like well I’m here.. might as well! I’ve made so many Italian friends over the course of three months and they have helped me improve and practice the language. The most wonderful thing about this experience is that we had Italian class then later we could go into town and around our villa to speak in Italian to others! Living in Arezzo Italy, many people speak a small amount of English but some speak zero English in shops or other situations where we need to communicate. Knowing the language that is spoken in the country that I am living and learning in is very important to me so I am very blessed to have an opportunity like this. When I finished my Italian one final I had never left with such a confident feeling about a language final in my life. I am excited about next semester and learning more and having more conversations in Italian.