Learning and adventure


Salut! This has been the second week of my study abroad in France. The courses that I am taking here at the University of Perpignan, Second Year French I and II, are a bit difficult given the speed of the teaching. I go to class three times a week for about 4 to 6 hours per day. It has been worth it though! My french has gotten a LOT better since I arrived and I can carry on conversations with other French people.

On Wednesdays I go volunteer at what is basically a day care center for kids since they do not have school on Wendesdays here. I go with kids ages 5 and 6 and it is a blast! It is such a diverse group of girls and boys of all races and nationalities that live here in Perpignan. They teach me names of objects they pick up when we play outside.

I have also visited a lot of towns and cities nerby. I have visited the cities of Barcelona, Tarragona,  Girona in Spain and Carcassonne in France. All very beautiful! I will be uploading some pictures that I have taken so far next week. Au revoir!