Last Week in London






Future Plans

With my final week of my Internship starting tomorrow, I just thought of giving a brief recap of things I have learned. And to be honest, life has been rather constant, so I didn’t want to draw out a journal with no real content. My final journal will be a more in depth view of my time in London. My future plans so far is to take a break away from the big city.

It’s surprising to me, as I always thought of myself as a city girl. But a brief break away from everything sounds great, and West Virginia is the great place to get away from all the rush. I do not want to stay back home for long, however, as I have much bigger plans. I created a portfolio with projects I have completed while doing my Internship. I have created newsletters, campaign ads, managed social media, as well as created website pages. I’m looking forward to applying for jobs back in the states.

I’m looking forward to moving to Portland, Oregon, as it seems affordable and not too busy like New York City or LA. I noticed that a good balance in life is much more important than one thinks of it. I know I want something bigger than West Virginia, but New York was rather stressful to me, and I have only been there for less than a week before!

Of course my dreams are bigger, and that would include me moving to the big city, but at the moment I’ll work on it one step at a time. For now, I’m planning for a more realistic goal where I can see myself being happy, and then from there I’ll work on my bigger plans. Sometimes you want to take the big jump, change your life completely. But sometimes a smaller step is all it takes from being content, to being happy.

London plans

Even though it is my last week, I still have a lot of plans left. I plan on meeting all of my friends I have made while here, so this week is a rather busy schedule! I plan on having one big party with everyone at a club called Voodoo, which is an alternative club that attracts the punks and goths of London. I’m going to miss all the individuality London brings, as the subcultures here are no where near as big, at least where I am from.

I feel after being here I can accept myself more for who I am, and not worry about what people think as much. It’s ok to be different, and I tried so hard to blend in with everyone that I forgot about my own self. I also have become more accepting of other people and their differences. When you live in your own little bubble, it’s hard to really think of anything different from your own ideas and beliefs, no matter how much of an open mind you think you have. I have learned so much while here in London, and I can’t wait to share with you all my experiences in my next blog!