My Last Week and Jerash


This is my last week of class in Jordan and it is just sinking in that it will be a long time before I’m able to come back. We went to Jerash and despite the heat, it was really great to go back for a nice hike. The Roman ruins there span for quite a while and you can easily spend a few hours walking around and taking photos. While we were there, several vendors were setting up booths for an upcoming music festival being hosted there. Below, you’ll find a picture of the Temple of Artemis which is one of the smaller parts of Jerash.

For my final project in Arabic, I have teamed up with another student and we are making a documentary. Here in Jordan, it is very common to see people smoking hookah (or shisha, argeeleh, waterpipe). We are going to make a 20ish minute film about it and its role in the social life here. We’ll also be covering some of the health consequences of smoking hookah. I’m really excited about this project because it’s a great excuse to get out and speak to people on the street and in cafes. Other than the film, we have a final written and oral evaluation for our Arabic classes. I feel like I’m improving my grammatical knowledge but I guess we’ll see when I get my grades back.

The more I think about it, the more I don’t want to leave Jordan. I have really enjoyed my time here and I don’t look forward to it ending. I don’t know when I’ll be back; but it won’t be soon enough.