Last Week in London


Good Morning, You Fiends! Yes as the title states, it has come to my last week here in London, England, United Kingdom, Europe. I got to experience a lot of new things, and visit a lot of new places. I made a couple of new friends, memories to last me a life time, and stories to tell my baby. To wrap up my weekend I will be mostly studying for my finals on Monday and Tuesday, and hanging out with my friend Adrian, who is a well-known underground music producer here in London that goes by the name Muscles Beats. As you know last week I went to Paris, France, and although I did not have the experience I was hoping for, I still had a decent time. Besides, I got to see the Eiffel Tower, which is what I really wanted to do in the 1st place.

Some things I did not get to mention in my previous blog was our trip the Imperial War Museum. Which used to be a very horrible Mental Hospital dubbed “bedlam.” The museum displayed lots of artifacts and war items from WWI and WWII. It also had a Holocaust exhibit that was unique and gave a lot of detailed information, and insight into the persecution  of the Jewish people. Also, it used to be a Mental Hospital, freaky. Also, if I haven’t mention this in one of my previous blogs, I visited the famous 9 3/4 Platform at King’s Cross Station from the Harry Potter series. I’m not into Harry Potter, but I figure some of you might like to see the pics from there.

This past week I went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the musical with some of my classmates, and to my surprise, it was actually the best musical I have seen so far. Right from the start, the musical had me drawn with the story of a poor boy whose dream was to go inside the factory to meet Willie Wonka, but couldn’t afford a Wonka bar. It was a heart warming musical that touched me on every level. The themes and set of the musical fit well together, and all the performers, both adults and children, did an excellent job. Although, Willie Wonka look more like the Joker from Batman comics. If you ever come to London, and this production is playing, I recommend seeing it.

Since being in London I’ve really learned a lot about myself, and people in general, but I really miss my daughter, and I cant wait for that moment when I’m leaving baggage claim and she is there to greet me with her adorable smile.

Well, you fiends… as this will be my last blog entry I would just like to say thank you to all my friends, family, and everyone who supporting me in being able to come to London. Happy Holidays!


Raymond Cobb

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