Last Week In Italy Blog 🥲


This week was my last week in Rome and I tried to pack as much as I could in these last couple days after finals. I have been going out to eat at some amazing restaurants and also explore parts of Rome I haven’t visited, like the Jewish ghetto in Rome. At the Jewish ghetto I went into the Jewish museum as well as tried Jewish bakeries as well as food. My favorite of the day was fried artichoke which was extremely good, it reminded me of chips in a way. My friends and I also walked around the parts of Treveste that we haven’t visited before. We also decided to visit a Roman flea market although this wasn’t my favorite visit since there was only clothing unlike the flea markets back home that have a little of everything. We also went to a beach called Santa Marinella Beach which is only about half an hour away from Stazione di San Pietro. The beach is extremely beautiful so we spent a lot of time just taking in the sun and talking about how our trip has been and how we have grown as people during this time. We later walked around this little town in search of some food but unlike Rome, restaurants closed at 3:30pm. This is something we knew about since arriving in Italy but in Rome you can always find a place that’s open during this time, but in this little beach town everything was closed so it felt like a ghost town. Instead we decided to go back home to Rome to have lunch. We decided to have some pizza and then walk around Rome and visit areas we have already gone to like the Colosseum, the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, and Tore de Argentina. Gonling to these places again made me feel pretty sad since I know that next time I come back to this beautiful city I’m probably going to be a lot older but in a way it’s going to be fun to revisit this place with a different perspective of the world. After walking around I went to a place called 2 Sizes which is a tiramisu place I highly highly recommend checking out. The place had a promotion going on and I was able to get a free hat after eating. Throughout my time here I made it my personal goal to try all the flavors of tiramisu available, which I finally completed this past weekend. Honestly I couldn’t choose my favorite since they were all really good, I think the most unique flavors I tried were the peanut butter one and the pistachio one. Overall this last week has been amazing and I’m thankful I could make such unforgettable memories such as going to a food tour in Greece, riding camels in Morocco and visiting all the beautiful places in Italy like the Colosseum, the Duomo in Florence, the Gondolas in Venice, and Pompeii. I can’t wait to see what life has in store for me next or the potential places I’ll travel to.