Last week: Galapagos!


Hola Chixs!

I am sad to say that it is my last week in Ecuador! However, I am beyond amazed by my last week because I got to spend it in the Galapagos Island! I would have never thought that I would be Island hoping on a cruise visiting 6 of the 13 major Islands in the Galapagos Islands!

(Quick map of the Galapagos – I went to Baltra, Rabida, Isabela, Fernandina, Santa Cruz y San Cristobal)

The first Island we toured was Baltra! Baler is considered more of an “islote” which means small Island in Spanish. Here, I had my first encounter with the Pacific Ocean, Sea Lions, and white sand. These are all things that I have never before experienced, touched, or witnessed personally. I learned that the water although beautiful is very cold but that the water west of the main Island, Isabela, is colder. I also learned that the white sand comes from the remnants of coral, bones, and shells. Plus, I learned to distinguish seals from sea lions, and also within the Sea Lion family I learned to listen to their sounds in order to figure out who was the male and female in the family.

All of the Islands we visited required a hike around the Island in order to know its ecosystems very well. One thing that truly surprised me in the Galapagos is that every Island, although relatively close in proximity and in location, has a very distinct ecosystem. For example, in the Island of Baltra you can find Sea Lions, crabs, and lizards , but you will not find penguins like you do in the Island of Fernandina!

Favorite land animal: the lizards! They are everywhere and anywhere! They have amazing camouflage skills and if you are not careful while you walk you might just step on one. Also, you can tell which ones female or male by the bold colors on the bottom of its neck: this one is a woman because the bolder colors signifies it is female!


My farewell video is soon to come and you’ll be hearing a bit of Spanglish because I have gotten so used to speaking Spanish full time!