Last Week in China





Leadership in my internship

This past week, we decorated the office where I intern and played Christmas music nonstop. I look forward to going into work because I get to work alongside a group of people who have seem to have become my family while in China. I have been given low- and medium-level importance tasks throughout this semester. My final project that I was assigned to was large and important. They put me in charge of a project and expected leadership from me.

Thankfully, I delivered that project and showed how committed I am and have been throughout the entire semester. I am very thankful to them for giving me such an amazing opportunity to be their intern. When I presented my final project results they were very impressed and slightly surprised at how I found a person who fit so well into our group. The results of my project will be used for many more years. I have learned so much from my internship and am very thankful for the experience.

Finals Week at ECNU

I have been working on my final papers for the past month; I am now ahead in all of my classes. As a result, I was able to go to Disney on my last weekend. I loved seeing the whole area dressed up with Christmas lights and decorations. My roommate and I did not actually enter Disney World park, we visited the area outside of the park which is free, and has many shops. There was even a Cheese Cake Factory. It has been getting pretty cold here in Shanghai. It is weird to think that last week it was still in the 70’s. This week the temperature dropped into the 40’s and the weather apps showed that it was going to rain for 5 days straight, which it did. There was even talk about snow.

Going Home

I am looking forward to going home but I know I am going to miss being in China. Especially being in a large city where everything is at your fingertips. I am getting a little bit nervous for my flight home because of the snow. I have a layover in Canada and am expecting I will need to role with the flow if any bumps in the road come up. I think I am now underestimating how long it will take me to pack everything. I also think I underestimated how much I bought throughout this semester…whoops!

I am excited to get back home to my best friends and family. I have a lot of admiration for anyone who can move to another country for their job. I loved living in China for four months, but I think next time I come back, it will be for a shorter period of time. However, over this time I have learned so much about Chinese culture. It is incredibly interesting to learn another country’s culture. I can’t wait to decide where I want to travel to next.