Last Picnic Under the Eiffel


June 28, 2022

To conclude our last few days in Paris, my friends and I decided to picnic under the Eiffel Tower and watch the tower glitter in the night sky. I still cannot believe it has been six weeks, and I have to go home so soon. This study abroad program was incredible. The classes were very immersive in the marketing and food industries in Paris which would definitely not be the same if I took these courses back in Boston in a regular classroom. While the classes were a big part of the schedule, I was still able to visit other countries in Europe on the weekends like Italy, Portugal, and UK. I really enjoyed how small the program was because I got to know each person on the trip. We had meals together, went on trips, and commuted to classes together. Not only was it a great bonding opportunity, but it was great to be independent in a different country for this period. I will definitely be back in Paris soon, and I look forward to study abroad again soon.