Last of London






I had a wonderful time here in London and I’m exceedingly grateful for this opportunity and for the FEA Scholarship which has allowed me to indulge in experiences I would have otherwise not been able to have. It has really enriched my time here and I think my experience in London (and outside of London) would not have been the same nor possible without this scholarship. Going in, I didn’t think I would need or use the whole $5,000. I couldn’t fathom or imagine needing to spend that much, especially when I already had penny pinching tendencies at school; I rarely spent money at school. However, I could not have been more wrong and did use and need the $5,000. In addition to allowing me to experience things I wouldn’t have (e.g., taking trips, going out, eating out, etc.…) it also allowed me to exist without constantly worrying about money, and being free from that burden greatly added to the richness of my time in London. It was a luxury, one that I am extremely grateful for, to be able to indulge in things I normally wouldn’t without worrying about the cost. For my last blog post, I couldn’t decide on what to write about. I finally decided on chronicling some small moments that brought me great joy (many that were made possible by the FEA scholarship).

Walking around Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park on a sunny day eating an ice cream cone (overpriced yes… and something I would normally avoid, but was able to indulge in thanks to the scholarship); it really felt blissful to be in the sun with a view of the lake and park and cold deliciousness in hand).

Seeing dogs everywhere running around off leash (dogs in London seem more well behaved than dogs in the U.S.).

Watching the sunset from Millennium Bridge.

Taking myself out to a nice dinner and show in the West End.

Walking around Richmond Park and having a picnic and laying on the grass soaking up the sun. (Side note: I feel like parks are a very European thing in that nice weather is a siren for people to flock to the park)

Soaking in the sun sitting by the canals enjoying the view of the streets and eating a stroopwafel in Amsterdam.

Enjoying raw oysters with a view of Hammersmith Bridge during the dusky time of the setting sun.

Having a rainy start to the day in Brighton Beach which magically transformed into bright clear skies.

Seeing the incredible landscape in the Highlands of Scotland, particularly Glencoe. The weather was also extremely variable on this day from overcast clouds to snow to clouds parting for the sun to rain. The snow and clouds gave way to sun right when we entered Glencoe which was very beautiful to see (talk about timing!).

Enjoying a delicious and warming cup of chai at Dishoom while waiting to go to the airport.

Pictured: My last sunset in London as seen from Garden 120