Last month




I am coming up on my last month in Oslo along with the last of my exams. I leave Oslo May 23rd and my last exam is June 6th. Luckily, UiO has a system here called take home exams. I spoke about take home exams my last post because I had just finished taking my first one ever. It went well and I enjoyed the exam though it is more intense than a normal four hour sit in exam. In a week I have my second exam in Nordic politics and I am already very stressed. I am studying but I still can’t help but to feel some worry about if I will be prepared enough in time. After that, my last exam is a take home in Witchcraft and magic that I hope to complete before I head back to America.

It feels strange that in less than 30 days I will be back home in Texas. I feel both happy and sad about this. I can’t wait to be back home and be able to kiss my family and hug my animals. I’ve missed having them and it would be nice to be able to talk to them more regularly. I also miss my friends and the conveniences of living back in the states. Being able to drive again when I want to go somewhere. I even miss being able to go to one store to find everything. It would also be able to read the label to things again. I’ve taken Norwegian classes but am far from experienced in reading the language.

I will definitely miss Oslo though. I have made so many lifelong connections. The friends I’ve made here I’m sure I will have for a long time to come. I’ll also miss having my own space. Even though I have a million and one roomates, I have my own room and bathroom and for the most part my roomates all stay them to themselves. Once back in Texas, I will be living with my family for a bit until I can get enough money to move out. I love my family but living at home is hard especially since my family is very close and boundaries are not a norm! I will also miss the nature in Oslo. Even though I am in the largest city in Norway, I am surrounded by nature. It is easy to kind of disappear for however long you need. Texas is large and flat without lots of green scenery. I will definitely miss the vibrant colors you see outdoors. More than anything though, I will miss my friends. My group of friends is predominantly women and I truly believe each and every one of them will dominate and change their selected fields. I have met so many people who I know have actively contributed to my growth. Without the support of the beautiful women who have surrounded me with their love, I definitely would not have made it this far. I am both happy and sad. Happy that I got to experience this life changing opportunity and sad that it is coming to an end. I plan to use to most of my time left and continue to enjoy Norway until the moment I leave and enjoy the memory of it for years to come.