Journey to Trinidad and Tobago Complete


Hello there, thank you for following my entire Study Abroad Journey,

It is with great sadness that I write my last Study Abroad in Trinidad and Tobago Blog. This week has truly brought me back to reality. This week I was able to spend my last three days interning at St. Dominic’s Children’s Home. On Monday I had the ability to visit the facilities library that houses more children that I have never met until that day unfortunately. I formed a great bond with the children there and it was very hard to say good bye. It just amazes me how children will cling on to you in a matter of days after meeting you if they can sense that you are a genuine person. Tuesday I was able to tag along with the facility manager to the Judiciary Trinidad and Tobago High Court of Family and children division of children’s court.

I was able to sit in on a session that tried to determine where a child that is in the transitioning out stage would go after her 18th birthday. Happily her aunt is in a position to provide a place for her to stay and guidance after she turns 18. I noticed that the proceedings were a little different in that the facility manager answered questions on the child’s behalf, even though the child is 17. Also finding out that Trinidad has just recently created a department of children’s facility (3 months) reminds me that I am in a developing country.

On my last and final day at SDCH I was able to tag along with the children to the zoo. We saw all types of animals that included giraffes, lions, tigers, pythons, ponies, zebras, flamingos and many different types of monkeys. The children expressed their excitement the entire time and made me laugh the whole trip. I said my farewell good byes and I know that I will truly miss them, and I plan to keep them in my prayers everyday. I’m truly thankful for my family and being here has helped me personally come to terms with the love that I have for my family.

Thursday we presented our group projects and our professor loved every minute of it. On Friday we were able to go to the movies and watch “The Incredibles”. It was an amazing movie and the fact that I saw it in Trinidad made it that much better. I was able to bond with the other girls that came on this trip with me and I believe that I have some long time friends in the making.

This trip to Trinidad and Tobago has changed me so much for the better. I have come to realize my imperfections and work on fixing myself for the better. This trip has also taught me that I can do anything that I put my mind and heart into. When I made the decision to come to T&T for the summer of 2018 I witnessed many obstacles. They included financially instability, lack of emotional support, negative comments, stereotypic comments, and my own thoughts of traveling to another country with semi strangers. Now that I have experienced studying abroad in T&T, I believe that I will be an amazing addition to the servicing profession. This trip has broaden my perspective on different worldly issues and changed my outlook on so many different things.

I’d like to thank Funding for Education Abroad for making this life changing experience a reality for this small town girl. This scholarship has allowed me to create a new avenue in my life and I’m extremely happy to continue my journey by traveling more and furthering my ambition. I thank you guys for experiencing my final chapter in Trinidad and Tobago with me, and If you are considering studying Abroad or Traveling to Trinidad and Tobago I whole heartedly recommend it.