The Journey at Benh Vien Hung Vuong





In May, I stepped onto the plane knowing that in less than 24 hours, I would be in Vietnam starting my internship at Benh Vien Hung Vuong. The objective of my internship was to learn how doctors can provide care for such an abundant amount of patients and how their skills differed from doctors in America.

As I maneuvered from one department to another, I observed the function of each department and gained a holistic view of the hospital. Of course, every department must work together to keep the hospital running, and I realized more than ever how vital it is for each department to communicate and work closely with one another. Doctors and nurses are always on high alert to make sure every test, result and diagnosis is made correctly, or to the best of their ability, and provide patients with quality care.

During my four weeks at Benh Vien Hung Vuong, I went to the imagining department, delivery department, operation department, neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and high risk pregnancy department. I have seen countless cesarean sections and natural deliveries. I have seen birth and I have seen death. I have been overcome with the joy of hearing a baby’s first cry and I have witnessed a mother’s pain knowing her baby had died.

The doctors in the high-risk pregnancy department have become my little family. They have taught me all that I know in obstetrics and gynecology. What I have learned from them is beyond the concepts from science and medicine. I have learned what passion looks like. I have seen these doctors work countless hours, day and night, to make sure mother and baby are safe.

I promised myself that I needed to explore the medical field from another perspective. It is eye-opening and fascinating to see doctors in action, saving lives and giving people a greater promise for the future, but I wanted to see the raw side. I wanted to see the stress, burdens and responsibilities that come with this occupation. I wanted to be there with them during their stressful night shifts operating on patients and delivering babies. I wanted to experience the roller coaster of emotions. I needed to understand that being a doctor is beyond the applause, fame, and glory of having M.D. as a title. Life is not promised, but being a doctor means you will do anything within your capabilities to make sure your patients have a chance at life. This all is a great commitment and I believe that the one thing that all these doctors have in common is passion. I hope my passion will help me overcome the obstacles and seeming impossibilities that I will face, so that one day I will be a great physician like those I have met and those I aspire to be like.