Journey around the world in 0.8 Days




Journey to the land of the rising Meese

As a child, I never could imagine everything that I just experienced would ever happen to me. It was a beautiful Sunday morning to start an amazing journey. In my mind, I still couldn’t believe that I was leaving to a foreign land that I only dreamt about going. I waited for hours for my plane to arrive, and since it was my first time riding an airplane, I was silently panicking and cheering in the corner like a child in a candy store. Flying over the U.S. felt so mesmerizing. It was the first time that I ever saw mountains in the flesh.

Over the state of Wyoming.

After flying for three hours and lots of orange juice later, I finally arrived in Calgary, Canada for my last plane to Tokyo. Canada had many surprises ranging from its people to its food. Everyone was very polite and all the food available in fast food restaurants had a lot of vegetarian options. The most surprising aspect of these restaurants is that almost everything was biodegradable or recyclable. It made me feel that the United States was very behind on environmental advancements.


Oh, Canada! 

Time for The Land of the Rising Sun

Upon leaving Canada, I immediately witnessed the beauty of the mighty Rocky Mountains as I ventured over the Alaskan tundra. Then as we flew over Alaska, I came to the realization that almost a majority of the trip from Canada to Japan would just be going through the state of Alaska. It took almost nine hours to cross from east to west. Finally, after we left the last few Alaskan islands, we arrived at the disputed Kuril Islands. Three hours later, I finally arrived in Tokyo, Japan where my journey will start for the next to months. Tune in for more!


We are here!