Jiuzhaigou Scenic Park





My father and I have landed in Chengdu and will visit Jiuzhaigou for five days. Entrance fee is $223RMB with insurance fee included. Bus ticket costs $80RMB but is not mandatory, but many people purchase it anyway because of the 30km distance between the entrance to the top of the park.

Jiuzhaigou is situated in the Sichuan province about 460km north of Chengdu. Jiuzhaigou forest park is large and filled with many treasured scenes to be covered in one day. There are many renown sceneries with varying ecosystems of pristine colorful lakes, waterfalls, snow-capped mountains and emerald forests. The altitude changes from valley to mountain, making it necessary to pack four seasons of clothing. The park is nature’s masterpiece having dreamlike scenery, and peak season to visit are either Autumn or Spring to see colorful leaves and green nature, respectively.

Jiuzhaigou has 114 lakes and water, in which a handful are must-see attractions. My dad and I will be exploring the following recommended destinations.

1。Huanglong Scenic District is located 3000m above sea leavel and is considered one of China’s tallest scenery. The ponds are fluorescent blue and are divided into small scale quadrants.

2。 Five Colorful Pond (五彩池)

3。 Long Lake is the largest and deepest lake in the nature reserve. On clear sunny days, the adjacent dark wooded hillsides are reflected from the blue waters. There are no major flowing source of water to this lake, as it receives most of its water from underground sources.

Jiuzhaigou map