Jidai Matsuri in Asakusa


I don’t really know what was going on here…but the monkey definitely didn’t want to be there…Lol.


Hey everyone. Sorry about the late post. I’ve been pretty busy preparing for mid-terms. So, along with this post, I will be posting about 2 or 3 other blogs along with pics and vids. This post will be specifically about my experience at the Jidai Matsuri in Asakusa that I went to last weekend.

First of all, I had an awesome time. I met my classmates at the school, where we began the day with a lecture about the trip and a rundown of the days’ events (I’m noticing a pattern here…). After the lecture and lunch, we made our way to Asakusa. The trip was pretty long, but not unpleasant. We all talked and hung out and had a great time. And that was just on the way there.

When we got to Asakusa, we were greeted by the amazing aroma of so many different types of Japanese foods, I almost drowned… Look at me trying to be a writer… Anyway, since Asakusa is a very big place, we started by establishing a meeting place, which was in front of the big slipper, which you will see when you look at the pictures. After that, we all (voluntarily) picked a sightseeing buddy and went our separate ways for a few hours.

I think this was the most fun part of my trip because I ended up spending the afternoon with my classmate Steven, who thought it would be a great idea (and it was) to dress as Waldo, or as the the rest of the world apparently knows him, Wally. I had no idea that America was like the only place that calls him Waldo… that was a kick in the knee…

So, just about every 5 minutes throughout the rest of the day, we had people coming to us asking to take pictures. And, wouldn’t you know it, I was the lucky one who got to be the photographer. But that’s also where things get fun for those of you who are viewing my travel adventures. Of the pictures I’ve posted, try to see how many times you can find Waldo (Wally).

Anyway, I’m not gonna spend 5 hours on this blog (exaggeration) because I have like 2 more to write and if I dont start I will forget what I want to write about. So, see you on the next page.