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My program “Jazz in Paris” required us to host a Jazz concert. Everything from the lights, to advertisements, had to be managed by us students. To me, this task seems merely impossible however we are tackling everything as a team. I am in charge of contacting our performers and arranging the line up however I am not the best at speaking French so this has been a bit of a challenge. However, I am trading off duties with other members of the program. When I need to speak on the phone I have a group mate speak to them while I help writing content for the advertisements. This experience has been a bit strange but I am understanding how Jazz performances differ from traditional one and how historical context still plays a large role in this. This project has forced us to immerse ourselves even more into the Parisian culture and the Jazz culture.

I am navigating something that is unknown to me I have never planned an event and especially not in a different country. As terrifying as it may be to plan an event for at least sixty people, I can say that our collaboration styles work. We all know what we have to offer and we negotiate our skill sets, I have had to depend on others while they do the same with me. We all at the end of the day need each other to make this performance work.

While the members in my global seminar are all from America we have interacted a lot with locals, when discussing the catering, performers, venue owners and potential guest. Collaborating abroad is different than in the states, everything is a bit more difficult because we have to rely more on each other to do the things correctly. This experience has made me reflect on the resources that I take for granted at my home university. Yet, it has been a learning experience that has taught me life skills and collaboration tactics. When it comes to group work we understand that it is communal work and that everyone needs to do as much as they can. Like Jazz, our work tactic is improvisational meaning we work with what we got and work off of what each other can do. I have felt closer and more connected with my fellow peers because of this project, we are forced to depend and help one another yet it never feels like a chore or a duty rather it feels like we are creating a community that understands one another. The concert’s deadline is approaching rapidly but I am sure we will be able to deliver as we all are contributing with different skills. Working in a group Abroad has taught me that it is okay to ask for help and depend on others. We all have something to contribute and we can all help each other out setting aside differences for the betterment of this project. If we could all behave as we behave in a great group project the world would be a better place.