It’s Just Lund and Me Now


Today was Henry’s last day in Sweden.

He had to fly back to San Francisco as his classes were starting soon.

For the past week, Henry helped me get settled into my new life.

He unpacked my clothes, chose my bed sheets, and bought an air fryer for my empty apartment.

We also tried kebab pizzas for the first time and used Google Translate when shopping at the ICA supermarket.

Every day was a learning experience for us.

I had so much fun that I almost forgot that he wasn’t here to study abroad.

It was 5 am and we rode the taxi to Copenhagen where I clenched his hand the entire time.

The sun hadn’t risen yet and the windows were fogged up.

At the airport, we sat down for an hour before he had to go through a security check.

I rested my head on his shoulder one last time and cusped his face.

I told him, “we’ll see each other soon okay?”

To which he joked, “yes, I’ll facetime you once I’m at my gate.”

I dropped him off at the escalator, waving and holding back my tears.

At the very top, he turned around and flew a kiss goodbye.

I took a deep breath in.

I’m on my own now.

I headed back to Lund where I met up with my friend, Rebekah.

Rebekah also goes to UC Berkeley and we met when writing for a magazine called Her Campus.

At my university orientation, I was pleasantly surprised to see a familiar face in Sweden.

We grabbed matcha lattes at Love Coffee and sat outside the Lund Cathedral or Lund Domkyrka.

Before coming to Sweden, I researched the history of Lund.

About 877 years ago, Lund Domkyrka was created by a mythical giant named Finn.

Lund University was also built to solidify Swedish grounds as Skåne county previously belonged to Denmark.

History was made on these roads as Lund was a former battleground between the two countries.

As I walked home that day, I remember feeling excited.

It was now my turn to experience Lund’s history and add to it with countless adventures.