It’s all fun and games until someone gets HURT



Let’s start this off pretty. I went to Taipei early Saturday morning and visited a very popular herbal medicine district on Xichuang St. and was able to obtain some footage for my documentary. The footage consisted of a variety of things: such as a flower vender yelling that my video recording is impoiite, a more carefree outdoorsy guy allowing me to record him hacking away at an herbal root, an extremely nice lady introducing a quite natural (yet naturally disgusting) plant for my later consumption, as well as a general overview of the contrast of concrete vs. nature (all within meter’s width of each other). The herbal concoction that I was given was quite displeasing to drink but ever-so-beneficial to the sore throat I had been suffering from due to the current change in the seasons. 

Alright, a couple of hours spent in a scholarly fashion; now, it’s time to celebrate Halloween, Taiwanese style!! I met a couple of my language center friends at an extremely nice but cheap (100NT or 3USD a night) hostel in the suburbs of Taipei city, only 15 minute transit ride away from anything you might need. We skipped around the city for a few hours until about 10pm and it was time to get ready for the huge Halloween Massive. I understand I shouldn’t really represent the partying aspect of studying abroad, but I’m getting to a pivotal point here. This party took place at Taipei City’s Exhibition Hall to give you an ahead of big this venue actually was. Anyhow, from dancing with the dance team a few nights before, I was already experiencing some discomfort in my left foot. Thus, when I decided to exit the stage by air instead of stairs, I put my already damaged foot in what is now a critical condition. The Egyptian pharoah had taken his final leap for the night :(. I danced the Halloween blues away all while limping, still thinking that maybe (just MAYBE) this is just a little more inflammation from the prior injury. We return to the hostel, check out, return back to Taichung, visit famous Gao Mei wetlands, go to class the next day, and all the while, I am only (painlessly) able to use the big toe side of my left foot.

To the bone clinic I went, and low and behold, two broken toes (which I had before even leaving for Taipei!!)!!! I wept and moaned as they placed my brace on and informed me of a potential month’s time out where I should take it easy on this foot, and more importantly…wait for it……NOT DANCE!!!!!!! I could of died and been placed in a full body cast just then. I dance from the second I wake up to the time I double pirouette into the bed at night. So, this won’t be a damper to my spirit as much as it as my physical condition. I will still bestow upon you amazing discoveries and feelings of this last month of my Fall semester. I shall be up and “running” in no time. With extreme mishaps like this, things only can and only will work in a probable favor. I’ve got three weeks left of back-to-back Mandarin testing and more sitting time than ever to over-achieve all of what’s required of me. In that way, when I receive a huge A at the end of the semester, I can look back and be like, “Oh, well I needed that time to settle down anyways.” ##positivethinking