It takes a village.




Traveling is difficult. You need to research the cheapest transportation, create an itinerary, and manage each person’s schedule. Most importantly, you have to make sacrifices. Are you willing to sit on a bus for six hours to save $100 dollars? Are you willing to spend more to fly there? However, what makes traveling more difficult is when you are planning alone. Sometimes some people allow others to take charge and simply follow. I personally, would rather research everything and plan everything instead of forcing someone to help. But, sometimes you meet people who are just as willing to help plan. It really just depends on the person.

My friend and I really wanted to visit Disneyland in Paris. We both researched flights and I researched bus tickets. I shared my findings with my friend and we agreed to do a 6-hour Flixbus. That was a very hard choice because sitting on a bus for six hours is very uncomfortable and the bathrooms are not the cleanest. We decided to do an overnight Flixbus as well. It would leave at 2 am and arrive at 8 am, which was perfect because we would head to the park right away. The Flixbus dropped us off at the Paris airport which was perfect because we could freshen up in their restroom for free.

I love people who like to take charge instead of going along with plans. We both equally contributed to our trip. I researched and suggested the Flixbus and she researched the airport and the best terminals to eat breakfast.
We both worked together to find the train needed to get to Disneyland and checked the best times to return to the Flixbus stop. The whole day we worked together to create a Disney Itinerary and find the cheapest food. Overall, we had a great time together and I truly believe it was because we both decided to be leaders.