It Is Finally Over





WOW!! This has been such an interesting week for me. Never in my life have I seen so many students studying and working hard to pass their midterms. It takes determination for students to stay up for hour and hours to get the grade they desire. All of this was happening all since last week. When it came to the weekend, many students still remained on the campus to study in the library, or in other facilities. I took it upon myself to study for as much as I can before my Monday exam. By then, I knew how to prepare myself and just focused on the material. One thing that helped me out was taking break and going for a walk, talking to a friend, or taking a small nap!

This place was packed for two weeks, and now it is just calming down. What a week that was!!

Interestingly, the way students study here is on a whole other level. Many of them come prepared as if they are going to stay the night. Even when the library is packed, many coffee shops are open 24 hours. Here students can buy food and drinks and still take the time to study for as long as they need to. I did this myself, I had my Hangul exam for Tuesday and Thursday and studied until 3 a.m. Students here put their time and dedication all the time, when you walk into the library you can see students sleeping and finding ways to relieve stress. That is why this library has built in sleeping pods, open beds, and a small movie theater where you can watch whatever you feel like watching. The amount of caffeine they drink is more than I expected! The trashcans get full at it almost looks like a volcano.

What an intense week it has been, everything is now over and many of us are just ready for the weekend. One of my friends birthday is today, and we are throwing her a surprise birthday party. She has no idea about it and we cannot wait to see the look on her face! As for the weekend, we will be taking a trip to Gwangju to experience a super concert with many K-pop artist such as BTS, Momoland, Twice, and much more! I have never experienced anything like this so it will be interesting to see how it goes! The tickets were actually cheap, it covered everything from transportation to the ticket to the concert which was around $55.00 USD. Even though all the suffering of studying we endured, we knew that there would be hope! I cannot wait to tell you my experience as well! Stay tuned for more!

Just a small treat, before the big surprise on Friday!